Our 40 Point Agenda

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  1. Each family will have one job in Government.
  2. Invention of Software Hubs for IT Students.
  3. One Language Policy in Entire India
  4. License and Approval Department
  5. Sanshodhan Bharat Yojana
  6. Regularization of new Biz.
  7. Manavadhikaar Shiksha Yojana
  8. Literate Rural India
  9. Strong Water Resources to reach of water in entire corner of India
  10. Ghar Ghar Udyog Yojana (a Biggest Platform for Home Workers)
  11. Per Hour Labour Wages
  12. Taxation at Lower Reforms
  13. Loans or Credit Loans at Lower Reforms
  14. Priority on Income Generation for Common Man
  15. Major Changes to Political System of India
  16. Youth Performance in Political System
  17. A Royal Life tradition for Elderly People.
  18. Development of Women, and Wing to bring them out for Entrepreneurship.
  19. Low Rent Spaces for Work.
  20. Concentration of Tourism, Priority on States Livelihood is on Tourism.
  21. Better Food Standards to Live
  22. Indigenous Houses
  23. Fast Track Arbitration Courts.
  24. Amendments in Criminal Laws in India
  25. Migrate Schools to Live Learning Syllabus.
  26. Beggars Free India
  27. Equal Rights to Transgender
  28. Advancement of Media and Journalism
  29. New Amendments for Trespassers
  30. India Leads 24×7
  31. Realty Partnership Projects
  32. Amenities for Farmers, Development of Farming Tradition in India
  33. Urea & Pesticides free Country
  34. Electricity & Water to all Villages
  35. Child Marriage to closure
  36. Domestic Violence needs a different act in India
  37. High Class Railways & Finest Stations
  38. Closure of Toll Taxes
  39. Advance Education System with Reasonable Costings
  40. Advance Health System in India.