BHAMPA – Bhartiya Manavadhikaar Federal Party

About Us

We had worked a lot on Human Rights in India, but were not in condition to apply it for entire India, due to Governmental System of Country, we were from different institutions and organizations, but working as handicapped was unable for our President, Dr. Sunny Shah who was unfit due to drastic violation in country, One day he decided to form a Political Party to ample India in field of Human Rights, under the new guidance ship of Human Rights and invent the nature and system of country in it, as per using the Article 21 of Human Rights Declaration, to become a part of government we duly enlisted a Political Platform for Human Rights in India.



Active Members



We urge our mission is very near to impossible, but trying our level best to circulate entire India to get involved in awareness of Human Rights, and to reach Human Rights to the Each Gram (village) of India.

40 Point Agenda

  1. Each family will have one job in Government.
  2. Invention of Software Hubs for IT Students.
  3. One Language Policy in Entire India
  4. License and Approval Department
  5. Sanshodhan Bharat Yojana

Our Constitution

Article 1: Aims of Party
The Aim of the party shall be to make all round development of India in the political, economic, industrial, social, culture, agricultural, sectors, and to establish India as global power…